Porthleven Arts Festival

Held over 10 days in Autumn, the Porthleven Art Festival is an annual celebration of everything the Porthleven Art Community has achieved over the previous 12 months.

What we did

We provided this local CIC charity support with a range of services including web development, branding and event production.

We also supplied the event with a unique installation in the original village BT red phone box. Using a solar powered Raspberry PI we installed a retro dialler telephone that played recordings of local poetry about Porthleven. Members of the public were able to dial a number on the retro phone and the Raspberry PI would play back a reading a poem.

more than 60 events across the town including exhibitions, art, workshops, music, poetry and performance. It’s about community, about participation and, most importantly, about celebrating art in all its many and diverse forms.

Muddy Stilletos